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  • Helly Barnes

Find All My Recovery Blog Posts From My Recovery Beginnings to Now On Recovering Nomad!

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

When I started my recovery journey after around 13 years with an eating disorder, I started to document it, initially on Instagram but then not long after that, I transferred those Instagram posts into blog posts on my recovery website ( and subsequently added more and more posts to that site.

Recovering Nomad is still live and I have still been adding posts to it for nearly three years now (although very sporadically at times!).

In starting this website for the coaching work I am now undertaking, I was not sure where to blog from here on. I love writing and sharing recovery based content with people (and in all honesty I am not someone who enjoys social media very much).

Therefore, this post is to say that if you do want to find more of my recovery focused blogs, including a bit of neuroscience and other random things, which I hope will be useful to you, I have a large number of posts on my original recovery website, which is:

and I still add to the nomad site from time to time.

However, I will also be adding posts to this blog related to practical tips and information about eating disorders and recovery from my coaching perspective.

Please do follow along on both blogs if you don't already and let me know if there are any specific topics you would like me to write about!


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