I will help you to manage your stress, develop resilience and overcome anxieties that are holding you captive in your own life.

I have known what it is to live with irrational fears, anxiety and chronic stress.

Sometimes that perfect vision of the ideal future we picture as our birth right when we are young doesn't quite stay on track (well it didn't in my case anyway!).  But through a turbulent decade in my thirties and as I build a future now that I feel is really mine, I understand that it is ok that my life took the turns it did.

I know now that I have resilience and ultimately that I can always choose to build a future I identify with from this moment.... and you can too.

Feeling stronger and more fulfilled than ever today, my drive is to work as a coach with people who are experiencing stress and heightened anxiety in their current lives, supporting them to reach their life goals by identifying what future they want and by developing greater resilience and anxiety management skills, taking courageous steps towards their dreams.

As a result of having worked as a professional nurse* for 20 years and now training as an accredited life coach, I bring skills of empathy, understanding and an ability to listen and provide a judgement free space to my clients.

When you work with me, I ensure that you feel safe and supported to identify the goals you have, based on your reality and I keep you accountable to carry out the actions you have set that will move you towards the future vision you created.

Making changes that feel uncomfortable, no matter how much we want the results can be hard to do alone, especially when you throw some anxiety into the mix!


I believe in your ability to have the fulfilled life you desire and I will be there to keep you focused, encourage, motive and cheerlead (but also give the odd push!) so that you can get results.  After all, you want a coach, not a new best friend, so I won't be afraid to ask the question that you need to be asked and a friend might not!

My Qualifications:

As well as being a qualified nurse with various advanced nursing certificates, my qualifications are as follows:

  • Life Coach Training Certificate accredited by the International Coaching Federation, incorporating training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - currently studying.

  • Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health Certificate - The Neuroscience Academy - 2020.

  • The Female Brain Certificate - The Neuroscience Academy - 2020.

  • Sleep: Neurobiology, Medicine & Society Certificate - University of Michigan - 2020.

I apply all the knowledge I have gained from my training into neuroscience, brain health and sleep into the coaching methods I offer.

Other facts about me are...

I have been waiting for George Clooney to call since I became obsessed with the first series of ER as a teenager, my favourite flower is a daisy and I have a signed photo of President George Bush Senior!

If you are interested in working with me, then you can find out more about my coaching services and book a free introductory coaching call by clicking HERE.

*Please note that the coaching work I do is not in a health professional capacity and a coach is not a therapist or counsellor.  My background as a nurse provides me with transferable skills and experience but if you have a need to see a health professional then it is important that you do so outside of any coaching relationship we may have.

Helly Barnes ~ Professional Coach

Mission Statement

“My mission is to support people who are stressed, overwhelmed & experiencing levels of heightened anxiety. 

I partner with my clients, using techniques grounded in neuroscience, as they develop skills to manage their stress and anxiety, improving their mindset and resilience to create a future for themselves that is balanced, successful and allows them to be FREE!”

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