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Aiming for Overshoot

Available to Buy Now!


My Second Book is Also Available Now...

Aiming for Overshoot is the handbook you need to fully overcome a restrictive eating disorder.

I wrote Aiming for Overshoot to be a complementary handbook to Addicted to Energy Deficit, providing practical information so that you are empowered to overcome a restrictive eating disorder.


Aiming for Overshoot provides practical tools and motivational guidance on the following:


  • Why to aim for overshoot;

  • The importance of authenticity and vulnerability;

  • The additional challenges of overcoming a restrictive eating disorder when you are in a bigger body;

  • Food, hunger and giving up restriction;

  • Stopping compensatory behaviours;

  • Addressing calorie counting, the scales and diet culture;

  • The emotional rollercoaster;

  • Coping with weight gain and body image;

  • Enhancing your brain reprogramming;

  • Relapse prevention; and..

  • Why you need to step into the Feck No Zone!


This is a book to dip in and out of for inspiring tips when you need them and a confidence kick when you aren’t sure that you can keep going.

Available to buy NOW - I hope you find it helpful.

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