1:1 Coaching

I work alongside people experiencing eating disorders or who are victims of diet culture to the extent that it is  holding them as a mental prisoner in their own life. 

Using coaching approaches grounded in neuroscience, alongside my calm, easy-going and positive nature, I offer clients time and space to explore and know themselves better.  

I want people to understand they CAN change and empower them to do so, developing skills to manage their fear and anxiety, find food and body freedom and ultimately THRIVE!

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Coaching Provides You With the Opportunity to:

  • Work in confidence with a professional coach & mentor who is not involved in your wider personal or professional life so you feel safe to be yourself.

  • Acknowledge your disordered thoughts, behaviours and fears, identify potential triggers and understand yourself better.

  • Recognise patterns of thinking, beliefs or identities you are carrying that are unhelpful.

  • Explore what you do want from life, identifying with a future you who you know will bring you greater fulfilment.

  • Learn to be vulnerable when you need to be, honest with and trusting of yourself and others.

  • Recognise what steps outside of your comfort zone you need to and are willing to take in order to grow and live with purpose.

  • Develop skills in managing emotions that are not destructive and so become more resilient to life's ups and downs.

  • Open up to possibilities, set and take action towards new goals.

  • Not just have dreams but really start to live them!

What's My Approach?

To Understand


I work in partnership with you, so I can understand you and help you understand yourself better.  

You are a unique individual with your own blend of values, beliefs and habits.  

Through coaching, I will help you to identify the limiting beliefs, thoughts, fears and other obstacles that are preventing you from getting into recovery at the moment.

Once we understand this, we can look to the changes you will take ownership of that will get results, taking you further towards your recovery and life goals in steps which will challenge but will be worthwhile.

Compassion & Honesty

To ensure that you grow and move from your comfort zone, I will always show compassion, empathy and no judgement.

I will listen and understand but I will also call you out on and reflect back to you any 'excuses' or stories that you or the eating disorder are telling you and which are stopping you from finding the life that you want to build....

I am here to help ensure that you get results from coaching.  

I want you to feel in control of your life and to own your recovery, so you become mentally free and life becomes limiltess!

To Move You


My work is to ensure that everything we do together is with the intention of moving you towards the freedom you crave by addressing and managing the fears that are stopping you from achieving more today.

The goal from coaching is to ensure you are able to find and take the steps that will move you forward in terms of recovery (yes, it will involve food and rest!).  

The work we do is focused on the present and future, not the past.

By creating a vision of the life you want, moving forward to ensure it becomes real will become more possible.



I work with clients across the globe over Zoom, holding sessions that help you stay focused, move forwards, gain support and achieve the things that it can be just too darned hard to do without encouragement, the odd kick in the right direction and a bit of accountability!

During our sessions you will dig into yourself and understand what you have to do and how, so you find the courage to take the necessary steps towards a recovered future that you CAN achieve, no matter what your brain or anyone else has ever told you!

Coaching sessions are up to an hour in length and email support is offered between sessions.  

If this sounds good to you, then let's talk some more...

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