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Client Testimonials

What my incredible clients say about coaching with me (no bribes paid!)

"Before contacting Helly, I was terrified about trying another coach and feeling like I was failing again at recovery. I felt like it didn't matter how much I wanted to recover, I'd been entrenched for too long ( 30 years). I was restricting my intake to varying degrees but to the extent my metabolism had slowed down so I was gaining weight on even a very low intake. I was also finding it very hard to eat carbohydrates at all and my safe foods were very limited. I felt compelled to exercise and guilty if I didn't. I felt stuck and trapped in an ever restricting life.

I was worried about investing more money and energy and not making the changes I know I needed to make to live a life I dreamed of. I was also concerned about the time difference across the world but that has never been an issue. Helly was incredibly flexible and I always feel supported.

Helly is always incredibly responsive and thorough in her replies. I am amazed at how well written every email is and the detail is more than I ever expected. I have found my recovery has been 'actioned' instead of just 'thought about'. I have taken steps to challenge the eating disorder and been able to cope with facing my fears.

Overall,Helly is an incredible and dedicated recovery coach who has been integral in my recovery.

I have attempted recovery with other coaches who were good and caring but Helly has been not only affordable but so on point in every challenge I have had - the perfect balance of science, psychology, and practical steps to help make it happen. There has never been a time where I have felt unheard or misunderstood - it is like she can read my mind and is one step ahead of the Eating Disorder. Incredibly articulate, intelligent, compassionate and with a great sense of humour. I owe Helly my life and would say to anyone suffering to reach out - this is the support you need to not just get better but to FULLY recover. Not to a point where you look better and still feel haunted by the ED voice but to a place where your mind and body are truly free.

I am not quite there yet but because of Helly I can see that light - I can feel that freedom.

This is for life."

Claire, 30+ years with an eating disorder

"Prior to starting with Helly, I was very confused. I was not willing to surrender to my E.D.

I really struggled with body checking, restriction, and body image.

The only concern I had about starting to work with Helly was that we were just picking her from what we learned on the internet. It was her podcasts that convinced me she was just the person who could understand what I was struggling with and help me get through the issues. 

And Helly is the best to work with. First, you can always count on a return email very quickly. If you don’t email first, there is one waiting in your inbox. For me, they were like treasure chests. Her thought-provoking questions, actionable steps that she suggested taking, and insight were truly worth gold to me. She helped me see my worth and value as a human. She helped me to eat with abundance. She helped me bring joy back into my life through food.

I have recommended Helly to several people now and the thing I say is this,

“Helly Barnes changed my life.”

Kami F, Female, 44yrs, Anorexia Subtype

"Before working with Helly, I didn't have anyone who truly understood me, how I was feeling and what I was going through. I was nervous about opening up but pleased I found someone I believed in. My main issues were exercise compulsion and controlling food behaviours.

When working with Helly, I found it liberating being able to open up to someone and know that Helly understood. I stopped feeling silly and finally felt able to voice all the thoughts and worries I experienced.

Helly has helped me look at my E.D. in a new light and spot it's B.S. a mile off! 

If you want someone to open up and talk through your fears and worries then Helly is perfect. She listens, empathises but then tells you what's real. She doesn't sugar coat things and just say what you want to hear - she tells you the truth about your E.D.

Her support is invaluable to me and I would whole-heartedly recommend her services."

Anon, 40 Yrs

"When I first got in touch with Helly I was desperate - I'd reached rock bottom. I felt like someone with a restrictive eating disorder - unhappy, hungry, anxious, exhausted, uptight and generally wondering what the point was. As well as being all those things (some of which I didn't truly recognise at the time), the main issue for me was that I was a compulsive runner. I ran everyday and longer and longer distances. I used to love running and initially I was a very good runner, frequently winning races. But then it became compulsive and ultimately my body and mind started to fall apart. I believed my life and identity was defined by my running, I was "Clare the runner" but Helly showed me otherwise.

As I started to work with Helly, I had concerns because I didn't believe I could recover or that anyone could help me. My previous experience of working with an "expert" hadn't been positive. However, this changed when I received Helly's first email -

it was so postive and supportive but I also got the sense she could be tough when needed -

Helly told me if I wanted to recover that I needed to pack my running kit away!

Working with Helly has been amazing and everthing has changed as a result and 100% for the better.

I'm recovered - and after 10+ years of living with an E.D., I recovered fast and I'm now the happiest and most relaxed I've been in many, many years.

Finding Helly is the best Google search I've ever done. With her support, knowledge, experience and kindness (and my determination) I've got my life back.

Thank you Helly (I can never thank you enough)


Clare, 50-something ex-runner!

"I was both excited and anxious when I started working with Helly. I was hopeful for recovery but apprehensive of the journey. I struggled to choose food for myself and portions weren’t something I could decide on without help. I had a lot of fear foods too. In the beginning, my main thought was, "I need how much food?!".

I’ve found Helly's approach to recovery both inspiring and terrifying. Her knowledge and experience of eating disorder recovery has opened my eyes to why and where I’d been making mistakes for so many years and she's given me hope of a better and E.D. free life. If I was to recommend Helly to someone else wanting to overcome an eating disorder, I'd say that this is unlike any method you’ll get in a care centre or hospital.

But it works, really."


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