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Here For You As You Overcome An
Eating Disorder


I'm Helly Barnes, a Professional Coach & Mentor.

Empowering you to find freedom from eating disorders, disordered eating and the dangers of diet culture.

Does any of this Sound Familiar?​

  • Your life is constrained by food rules.

  • You experience a very real fear response at the thought of eating outside these 'rules' or in a way you feel might lead to weight gain.

  • You have compulsions to exercise and if you cannot move your body then you develop anxiety and become agitated.

  • If you do eat more, you have urges to compensate through exercise, vomiting, laxatives, restricting your intake later or other means.

  • Your weight is below the weight that is healthy for your body (which might be at a 'normal or above' BMI range) but the thought of taking action to gain weight fills you with terror.

  • The food restriction and compulsive behaviours are impacting on your ability to live a normal life and socialise.

  • Your relationships are suffering.

  • Your body is not functioning at its optimum.

  • You are uncomfortable with the size or shape of your body to an extent that it impacts on your life.

  • If you do have a vision of a future you want, you feel powerless to make it real.

  • You feel as if you are held captive by your own thoughts and fears.

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Living in a diet obsessed culture when you are trying to overcome a restrictive eating disorder is tough. It is very tough and even contemplating change takes courage.

Taking action to overcome an eating disorder is probably the hardest thing you will ever do and even harder to do alone, particularly when no one seems to understand.

But with support and decisive action, you can make the changes that are necessary for you to find your way to a life that gives you mental freedom, physical healing and acceptance of your body, so that you can finally live your best life.

I am here to partner, support & 

Cheerlead... but most of all, 

To ensure you take Action!


My coaching and mentoring services can make a difference.

As a Professional Coach, I will:

  • Use coaching techniques and approaches to eating disorder recovery that are grounded in neuroscience.

  • Treat you as an individual and learn about who you are.

  • Open your mind to the possibility of all you CAN achieve.

  • Build a vision with you of the future life you want to live that is so real, you will be impatient to make it happen.

  • Help you identify the anxieties, fears and limiting beliefs blocking you and establish ways you can overcome them.

  • Nudge you out of your comfort zone and into worlds (or foods!) you might have thought were closed to you.

  • Address excuses and stories of why you 'can't' and make sure you find ways so that you 'can'.

  • Keep you accountable so you are more likely to make the changes necessary.

  • Partner with you in a relationship that can be powerful.

And I will do all the above in a judgement free and confidential space.

Your life is too important to stay trapped.

As a coach and a woman who has lived experience of overcoming an eating disorder,

I understand more than most.  

There is no one size fits all approach to overcome an eating disorder.

We are all different and we all find our own way...

As a smart and resourceful adult, you have the solutions within that will allow you to achieve your goals but you might just need a bit of help to identify them and support to gain the courage to take the steps that deep down, you know you need to take.

I will partner with you on your journey but that journey is yours to own (and you CAN!).

My professional coaching services are grounded in neuroscience.

My philosophy is based in the principles of Health at Every Size (HAES).

I am compassionate, but I can also be tough.

I don't talk to eating disorders or to fears.

I don't negotiate with the very thing keeping you miserable.

But with your commitment and courage, I won't have to! 

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