Coaching Is Powerful... But What Is It?

Updated: Jan 12

Coaching (for anything) is a growing industry in the world today and it is growing because people find it helps them achieve things they were struggling to achieve alone, leading them to bigger and better lives.

So, do you want to understand what coaching is in more detail and how and why it is powerful? Please read on!

What dreams, ambitions, goals or future vision for yourself do you hold?

Perhaps you are holding them so deeply within that you have not divulged them to anyone else and rarely acknowledge them yourself.

How long have you held these aspirations, thinking to yourself, "one day....?".

I know you have them because we all do...

After all, being able to think about the future and to want more is what makes us human.

So, why haven't you achieved these dreams and ambitions yet?

Are you taking steps towards them or are you doing what a lot of us do and hesitating, procrastinating, telling yourself stories that, "now is not the right time?".

When will be the right time?

Don't you deserve the things that will make you happier and more fulfilled today?

And, no - wanting these things does not make you selfish and neither does taking action to actually achieve them.

When you live the life you feel most suited to, you will be much more connected to, present for and able to serve those around you: be they loved ones, friends, colleagues, employees or your wider community.

It is true though that recognising and acknowledging your ambitions is one thing but taking action to actually achieving them is something else entirely.

Change Is Hard But Without It You Stay Stuck

Taking steps towards your dreams means making changes and very few people are comfortable with change (even when it is for a better future). In addition you may find that you have to overcome obstacles and barriers, whether they are mental, physical or practical.

Striving towards your dreams also frequently involves difficult decisions, trust in the process and sitting with feelings of anxiety or discomfort.

It can be all too easy to take a few tentative steps, encounter an obstacle and go running back to the life you know and 'feel safe' in. But of course the word 'safe' there should really be 'stuck' because running back to what feels 'safe' will most certainly keep you stuck in the same life that is not as fulfilling as you want. And while you continue to live that life, delaying taking action, you will never really feel happy or connected in all aspects of your life and you deserve more than that.

This is where coaching comes in and this is why coaching is a service that more and more successful people today are actively seeking out and using... because they want more from their lives, they want a balanced life and they know that a professional coach will help them achieve this.

What Is Coaching Not?

Before going on, it might be helpful to clarify exactly what coaching is NOT before I talk about what it IS.

Coaching is NOT counselling or therapy. We do not examine the past in any depth or dive into deep psychological issues or past trauma. That work may be important for people who do have a need for it but if that is the case, you must seek a counsellor or therapist.

Coaching is NOT being handed the answers on a plate. You come to coaching because you are an intelligent person and you have the answers or the resources to find them. You don't need a coach to tell you what to do. You do need someone to help you utilise brain based techniques and tools to ensure you are guided and find the solutions you need.

Coaching is for everyone and anyone. People of all ages and from all walks of life use coaching today and they use it to work towards goals and aspirations in just about any aspect of life you can imagine.

So, if you are thinking coaching is not meant for you then let me tell you, if you are human and want more from your life, then coaching IS for you.

What Is Coaching?

What then is coaching and why should you consider using a professional coach to make your future all that you want it to be?

In coaching, we focus not on what you are running from and the things you don’t want but on what you do want in your life. We focus on the person you are, your strengths and unique abilities and we create an image of a future you that you can identify with and an image that brings you excitement and joy.

Through this vision of your future life and all the things you want, we use the positive anticipation that stems from it to help you to become motivated and creative in finding the way forward to a realistic action plan so this vision you hold can become real.

Coaching does not apply any judgement in the coaching:client relationship.

It involves empathy but no pity and mostly allows for an open and supportive space for you to explore what is happening in your life now and become creative in terms of what you are willing to do to become the person you want to be.

As a coach, I will nudge you out of your comfort zone so that you leave that space and make the necessary changes to get results.

Together, we will find your sweet spot between comfort and success.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF), define coaching as a partnership with clients and this is the way I approach any relationship I have with my clients.

We become partners in a process that will enable you to, 'maximise your personal and professional potential'. Note the word 'process' here too. Coaching is not a one off. One coaching session won't enable you to change your future overnight.

Coaching is an ongoing process over a few weeks or months.

What Exactly Does The Coaching Process Involve?

The coaching process contains the following elements to achieve success:

- Identifies the differences between your future vision and your current reality. Coaching acknowledges what needs to change in your life now to achieve your goals.

- Addresses your limiting beliefs and increases your self awareness. We all hold beliefs that stop us from achieving more or becoming the person we could be but we are usually blind to them. A coach can reflect beliefs you are expressing back to you, help you recognise how they might be limiting you and enable you to move past them, while you also become more self-aware.

- Habit change. Everyone has habits that are very comfortable and once served us but which now might be stopping us from making changes that we want to make. Habit change is hard but through coaching we can identify any habits that you have that are providing an obstacle to the future you are trying to build and establish ways to address and change or replace them.

- Accountability. Doing things that are hard to do can be easy to put off when it is just ourselves we are accountable to. Having a coach to use as an accountability partner can help ensure that the necessary steps are taken today and not put off until 'tomorrow'.

- Broadens horizons of possibility thinking. Alone we get stuck in our own patterns of thought and it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. With deeper exploration and creativity, the space is created for you to broaden your ability to think wider in terms of what is possible and develop a positive mindset.

- Motivation. Let us face it, when changes are hard, it is easy to lose motivation. A coach can help keep you motivated, hold your focus on the ultimate prize and ensure you remember why the difficult changes will be worthwhile.

- Holds belief in you when you cannot. As a coach, I believe in the abilities of all my clients to achieve their full potential. Very often though, we experience an inner critic or negative self talk that tries to dissuade us from taking positive action steps or persuade us we cannot achieve what we dream of. When your belief in yourself is low, a coach will hold belief in you and be your cheerleader.

- Supports you to try new things. With a coach you can explore new possibilities, consider options of what might work for you and you can plan how you might try something new, even if that is outside what feels comfortable. With a coach you are more likely to find the courage to commit to what you know you need to do than you would alone.

- Staying on a new path. As you take steps along a new path to your future goal, ongoing coaching conversations provide a space to reflect and evaluate what is working and what is not, to help you stay on the path you need to be on to reach that end goal and vision.

Overall, coaching keeps you moving towards fulfilment and stops you staying still.

Coaching is Powerful and Coaching Works

I hope this article has helped you understand how and why coaching might be beneficial for you in your life, if you trust and take the leap!

Coaching is not for everyone though. For people who are not ready to make changes in their lives, coaching probably won't work. Ultimately, as the client, you remain responsible for putting in the work to produce the results that coaching can bring you.

Coaching is for people who not only want change but are ready to make changes that might not always be easy but that will take them towards realising their dreams and achieving their potential.

If you are interested in learning more about whether a coaching partnership with me could work for you and change your future, then I would love to hear from you.

I coach people who are overcoming eating disorders, disordered eating or low body confidence; enabling them to find freedom in a world obsessed with diets.

If you do want to know more about my services, please explore my website and contact me.

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